Response to Nocera

May 27, 2015
Response to Nocera

By David Keith

Letter to the New York Times editor:

Joe Nocera’s otherwise helpful column suggests that we turn to geoengineering instead of "hoping that humans will start reducing their carbon use." It’s dead wrong to suggest that geoengineering should be used to get us out of the need to cut emissions. If we want a stable climate, we will need to stop using the atmosphere as a dump for our waste carbon. Moreover, we can make deep cuts in emissions with tools available today such as solar and nuclear power.

Mr. Nocera cites me as 'perhaps the foremost proponent of geoengineering.' I am not a proponent of geoengineering; I’m a proponent of reality, and thus a proponent of research that could teach us more about the efficacy and risks of geoengineering.

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